Dr. Molland has more than ten years research and programme experience on human trafficking, development and mobility in the Mekong region. In his PhD fieldwork he carried out research on migration and sex commerce along the Lao-Thai border as well as various development organisations which implement anti-trafficking projects. His current research examines how “safe migration” has become an important modality of migration governance in the Mekong region. Dr. Molland’s interest in development and human trafficking has culminated in an additional research project which examines the nexus of interventionist modalities and inter-agency coordination by using military engagement in humanitarian disaster response as an empirical backdrop.


Dr. Molland’s overarching research agenda advances the study of the securitisation of aid and mobility in a comparative perspective. Its theoretical contribution is to illuminate how relations and structures of power permeate through development and humanitarian practices as well as how such efforts are mobilised, enacted and legitimated.